These Temporary tattoos are perfect for the beach, under Lingerie, Sheer apparel or... nothing at all. Sexy and very realistic, temporary tattoos are the perfect addition to a night of erotic fun. The perfect way to surprise and excite your boyfriend or clients. These Sexy Goddess tattoos are a favourite addition to any high end exotic dancers wardrobe. If you're thinking of getting a real tattoo, these are a great way to Try it before you buy it!

MATERIAL Tattoos last 2-5 days. Will not wash off.. even while bathing and swimming. Easy to remove when needed. Tattoos are made in the USA with our exclusive patented process. Premium Quality. Easier to apply and longer lasting than any other brand.
TARGET GROUP Men between 18 and 35 years old.
PRICING €9.95 (For purchase prices check our pricelist)


ViboKit - Vibrator Upgrade Kit

ViboKit is a universal, kit designed to upgrade your vibrator and get more fun and pleasure out of it.


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